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Centre For Skill & Entrepreneurship Development (CSED)


Suryodaya College of Engineering & Technology (SCET) is keen and committed to promote Skill & Entrepreneurship Development Initiatives with DCS as its system integrator and technology partners as Dassault, PTC and MasterCAM. Centre for Skill & Entrepreneurship Development (CSED) aims to strengthen technical education infrastructure to promote industry relevant skill development, which will act as a catalyst in inclusive and sustainable Industrial Development and employment generation for the local youth


The objective of the CSED Program Centers around “To serve the society as a Centre for quality technical education will provides long-term societal benefits through transmitting advanced knowledge, discovering new knowledge and function as a contributor of creativity and innovation”

  • Industry relevant long and short-term curriculum that encourages experiential learning, problem solving, project-based learning, creativity and teamwork.
  • Provide clear direction for learning new job Skills and a Systematic and flexible method for students to acquire new skills and knowledge for better employability and entrepreneurship.
  • To build an ecosystem in entrepreneurship and Skill education by sensitizing the academia.
  • Curriculum development on entrepreneurship and industry relevant skill showcasing innovations in context, pedagogy and other aspects of entrepreneurship education.
  • Support experiments to benefit academic and research community in improving the knowledge of latest technology.
  • Help young youth in enhancing their knowledge about Manufacturing and IoT and its relevance to their application domain.
  • Provide quality business development services to MSMEs across sectors.
  • Initiating activities at the national, state, regional, and local levels, to sensitize the eco-system and undertake activities for promoting entrepreneurship and skilling to accelerating start-ups, thus ensuring business sustainability and growth.
  • Ensuring technology upgradation and enhancing/expanding productivity, quality, market and exports and operational efficiency of enterprises.
  • The students will be able to realize and work on their dreams by giving them the opportunity to dissemble and assemble the out dated and discarded items and assisting individuals to acquire skills and knowledge so they are able to perform a task to a specific standard under certain conditions.
  • The live interaction with the invited experts will give them the much-needed exposure to the real-life problems associated with the project work.
  • The creativity and innovative skills of the students, faculty, and support staff will make great impact once they start doing something under one roof.
  • Further addition of e-learning centre will open the window of opportunity for faculty and students to interact with best researchers of the world.
  • Efficient and effective. “Effectively” in a training context means that training produce the intended results—not only enabling learners to master specific training objectives, but ensuring that such learning ultimately contributes to their placements.
  • This centre will enable the students from other Colleges to interact with each other and work in a team, which will inculcate the spirit of teamwork in students, which they lack prominently in present setup.
  • The Centre will be used to arrange pre-placement talks, pool campuses and other initiatives.

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