Training & Placement Department

Training & Placement Department

About us:

            To come as a student is your right but to make you a successful, Training & Placement Cell has a pivotal role to play in a student’s future. It’s an indispensable pillar of our Institute.  This department continuously strives to help students to identify their goals first and then to peruse the same relentlessly by helping them acquire the required skill sets and ultimately to attain desired employment.

            Our strong industry association and exposure to varied industries across the nation, Alumni, faculties, and current students interaction is instrumental in helping our students carve out their dream career.

Contact us:

Prof. AmitBankar, TPO

Mobile: 7020736605

Ms. Priti Morey, Training Incharge

Mobile: 86691 37153

Ms. PranjaliAgarkar, T&PCoordinator

Mobile: 7350211994

[email protected], [email protected],

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Role of Training & Placement Department:

            Training and Placement department focuses on nurturing the corporate attitude right from the beginning of the academics. It also gives equal chance to all the branches to get aptly trained and get ample placement opportunities for every branch. The department trains all the students on Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Aptitude, Technical Skill sets, Spoken and Written English, Group discussion, Public Speaking, Personal and Technical Interview Skills, etc. It also conducts various guest lecturers from the industry leaders to understand practical know-how.

            Entrepreneurship Development Programs have also been conducted for the students who wish to start his or her own start-up company. We also make our students understand personal financial planning so that they can save their money wisely once they start earning. In to, we help students achieve the smooth and successful transition to industry ready ladies and gentlemen.

  • Assist students to develop their academic and career interests and their short and long-term goals through individual counselling and expert guidance.
  • To nurture employability skills in every student.
  • Work with department heads, faculty members and administration to integrate career planning with the academic curriculum.
  • To empower students with lifelong decision-making skills about career planning and excellence.
  • To conduct activities and provide resources to facilitate the career planning process.
  • To act as an interface among students, alumni, and the corporate community.
  • To spread awareness of the students regarding future career options.
  • To assist various companies in recruiting candidates as per their requirements.
  • To coordinate summer training/internship programs.
  • To Bridge the gap between Industry and Academia.
  • To guide students find their berth in prestigious Government Sector.