EDC Seminar

EDC Seminar


A guest lecture was organised by NSS cell or EDC cell recently for the students of final year. The topic of lecture was “ Entrepreneurship Development”. The keynote speaker was Mr.AshutoshShirke, CEO, Knowledge Square Career Mentor & Director general of NGO YuvakBiradari

Seminar on Entrepreneurship Awareness ,was jointly organized by EDC Cell of Suryodaya College of Engineering and Technology, Nagpur. The Awareness Seminar was presided over by Hon.. P.T. Doifode, Assistant Director of MSME, Nagpur and Hon. KishorIrpate, Assistant Director of MSME.

Seminar on “Industrial Robotic or Automation and Cloud Technology” ,was jointly organized by Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)of Suryodaya College of Engineering and Technology, Nagpur. The  robotic Seminar was presided over by Mr. Anil Tatode, Training Officer, Department of Robotics and Cloud Technology..

Seminar on “Innovation Driven Entrepreneurial Activity” was jointly organized Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) Dr. Prashant Agrawal is an entrepreneur. He has a company in Agro-biotechnology, Ira Agrotech and Research Pvt Ltd, in India as well as Biomedical technology company, PratyushLifetech.


Please click here to have a look to EDC PPT File.

https://scet-com.s3.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/assets/docs/EDC_PPT.pptEDC PPT

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