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 About IIPC (III)Cell

Industry Institute partnership cell (IIPC) is required for enhancing the relationship between the Institution and Industry. This will have great bearing on the Engineering Curriculum, exposure of industrial atmosphere to engineering students and subsequent placement of young graduating engineers in industries across the country. The purpose of this cell is to identify the trends and expectations and prepare students for meeting the latest requirements by facilitating internships in leading industries, Organize Seminars, Workshops, Expert Talks and other Training programs by experts.

IIPC at SCET will create an effective contribution to our vision and effectively avoid criticisms of the shortcomings. IIPC at SCET effectively equips our faculty to latest practices and makes the students industry-ready by providing exposure to current industry practices, and hone their skills to adapt changing trends and designs.

Our students will be benefited due to the exposure to current industry practices’; faculty members get sensitized to the latest practices leading them to blend real-time exposure with usual theoretical teaching methods.

The objectives can only be achieved well by bridging the gap between industry and the academic institute

Objectives (IIPC)

> The broad objective of the IIPC at SCET is to reduce the gap between industry expectations (practice) and academic limitations by direct involvement of industry.

>To provide Internship to the students (4 – 6 weeks after second year and six months after third year)

> Develop close connections between Industry and SCET through interactions

> Bring Industry Experts at SCET

> Disseminating industry advances through interactions and discussions.

> Training the students through continuing education programme.

>Participation of experts from industry in curriculum development.

> Publishing and issuing industrial bulletins and newsletters with latest technological developments.

Committee Members (Session 2022-23)

Prof. Amit Bankar, Head, T&P Officer and In charge of IIPC Cell Prof. Shailesh Birtheriya, Head and Member of IIPC Cell

Prof. Rahul Gorle, Member of IIPC Cell Prof. Nitin Padgan, Member of IIPC Cell Prof. Priti Morey, Member of IIPC Cell Prof. Ashish Polke, Member of IIPC Cell

Prof. Shilpa Chidamwar, Member of IIPC Cell

Institute Industry Cell-Details

Institute Industry Cell-Details Committee TypeAppointment Order reference numberDate of AppointmentName of Committee MembersProfessionAssociated WithMobile Number
Industry CommitteeSCET/2021-22/IIC/2813/1/2022Dr.V.G. ArajpurePrincipalSCET8378986555
Industry CommitteeSCET/2021-22/IIC/2813/1/2022Prof. Amit BankarHead , T&PSCET7020736605
Industry CommitteeSCET/2021-22/IIC/2813/1/2022Prof. Shailesh BirtheriyaHead ,ETC DepartmentSCET9890360324
Industry CommitteeSCET/2021-22/IIC/2813/1/2022Prof. Rahul GorleAssistant ProfessorSCET8766823052
Industry CommitteeSCET/2021-22/IIC/2813/1/2022Prof. Nitin PadganAssistant ProfessorSCET8625074463
Industry CommitteeSCET/2021-22/IIC/2813/1/2022Prof. Priti MoreyAssistant ProfessorSCET8669137153
Industry CommitteeSCET/2021-22/IIC/2813/1/2022Prof. Ashish PolkeAssistant ProfessorSCET8087204212
Industry CommitteeSCET/2021-22/IIC/2813/1/2022Prof. Shilpa ChidamwarAssistant ProfessorSCET9545551469
Industry CommitteeSCET/2021-22/IIC/2813/1/2022Rahul BalnathStudentsCivil Engg7755958399
Industry CommitteeSCET/2021-22/IIC/2813/1/2022Rahul ChapaleStudentsElectrical Engg8806987375
Industry CommitteeSCET/2021-22/IIC/2813/1/2022Aman MeshramStudentsElectronics Engg7507683397
Industry CommitteeSCET/2021-22/IIC/2813/1/2022Sumera KhanStudentsComputer9022259192
Industry CommitteeSCET/2021-22/IIC/2813/1/2022Ajay SonttakyStudentsMechanical Engg8975000278