PSH Committee

PSH Committee

Prevention of Sexual Harassment Committee:

A committee constituted by SURYODAYA College of Engineering & Technology promotes a healthy working environment to all female staff, students and faculty.
In accordance to Section 29 of the Sexual Harassment of women at Workplace
(Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 issued by the Dept. of Personnel & Training, Govt. of India, SCET has constituted an Prevention of Sexual Harassment Committee to conduct enquiry regarding harassment cases as well prevention against them.

The following Committee for the prevention of Sexual Harassment of women at the workplace has been constituted on 7.07.2013

Sr No.NameDepartmentDesignationContact Number
1Prof. Rasika ManapureETC Engg.Chairperson8805027857
2Prof. Ruchira SeloteComputer Engg.Member9960621469
3Ms. Chetna HingeLibrarianMember8698481021
4Ms. Sujata GiripunjeAdminMember8657907140

Guidelines for Conduction of Meeting:

  • The Cell shall meet at least twice every academic year and the intervening period between two meetings shall not exceed six months.
  • The Chairperson of the Cell can call a Special Meeting at any time upon the written request of not less than one third of the total number of members of the Cell, on a date not later than fifteen days after the receipt of such requisition by the Chairperson.
  • The quorum for any meeting of the Cell shall be one third of its members. If the quorum is not present at any meeting, it shall be adjourned for half an hour and proceed with those who are present and the proceedings of such a meeting shall not be challenged on the ground of absence of quorum.

Any SCET female employee (faculty or staff) or student Definition of Sexual Harassment: "Sexual harassment" includes such unwelcome sexually determined behavior, whether directly or otherwise, as:

1) Physical contact and advances demand
2) Request for sexual favors
3) Sexually colored remarks
4) Showing any pornography, or
5) Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature

What are the possible actions that can be taken against the respondent?

1) Warning
2) Written apology
3) Bond of good behavior
4) Adverse remark in the Confidential Report
5) Stopping of increments/promotion
6) Suspension
7) Dismissal
8) Any other relevant mechanism

If you are harassed, what should you do?

1) Inform to immediate Chairman or any other member in authority.
2) Call or file a complaint (hand-written, typed and signed, email) to the Committee
3) Can reach us at [email protected]
4) contact the chairperson or any other members directly. Rest assured that your complaint will be kept CONFIDENTIAL.

Inquiry into complaint:

1) The inquiry shall be complete within a period of ninety days from the date of
the complaint.
2) On completion of the inquiry, the Committee shall provide a report of its
findings to the employer within a period of ten days from the date of completion of the inquiry and such report be made available to the concerned parties.
3) If the allegation against the respondent has been proved, it shall recommend punitive actions to be taken against the respondent to the employer.
4) The employer shall act upon the recommendation within sixty days of its receipt by him.