Benefits of project-based learning

Growth in self-reliance, and improved attitudes toward learning

  • Academic gains equal to or better than those generated by other models, with students involved in projects taking greater responsibility for their own learning than during more traditional classroom activities
  • Opportunities to develop complex skills, such as higher-order thinking, problem solving, collaborating, and communicating.
  • Access to a broader range of learning opportunities in the classroom, providing a strategy for engaging culturally diverse learners
  • There is a problem with no predetermined answer
  • There is an atmosphere that tolerates error and change
  • Students make decisions with a framework
  • Students design the process for reaching a solution
  • Students have a chance to reflect on the activities
  • Assessment takes place continuously
  • A final product results and is evaluated for quality
  • Project-based learning engage students, cut absenteeism, boost cooperative learning skills, and improve academic performance.

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