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Name Of Journals
  (Civil Engineering)
1 The Indian Concrete Journal  12/yr.
2 Intl. Jnl.  Of Advance Civil Engineering & Tech.  2/yr.
3 Advance in Civil & Structural Engineering  3/yr.
4 Jnl. Of Water Resources Engineering & Pollution Studies  3/yr.
5 Intl Journal of  Concrete Technology  2/yr.
6 Journal of Surveying & Structural Engineering  2/yr.
7 Journal of Civil & Construction Engineering  3/yr. 
8 Intl. Journal of Geological & Geotechnical Engineering  2/yr.
9 Jnl. Of Transportation Engineering & Traffic Management  3/yr.
10 New Building Materials & Construction World


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Name Of Journals
  (Computer Engineering)
1 Advance in Indian Software Engineering  2/yr. 
2 Jnl. Of Computer Programming & Multimedia  2/yr.
3 Journal of Android, IOS Applications & Testing  3/yr.
4 Intl Journal of Advanced Computer Engineering 2/yr.
5 Intl. Jnl. Of Computing and Artificial Intelligence 2/yr.
6 Jnl. Of Networking, Computer Security and Engineering 2/Yr.
7 IUP Jnl. of Computer Sc.  4/yr. 
  (Mechanical Engineering)
1 Intl Journal of I.C. Engines & Gas Turbines 2/yr. 
2 Journal of Fluid Mechanics & Mechanical Design 2/yr. 
3 Intl. Jnl. Of Mechanical & Production Engg. Research Dev.  2/yr.


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Name Of Journals
4 Jnl. Of Modern Thermodynamics In Mechanical Sys  3/yr.
5 Industrial Product Finder 12/yr.
6 Jnl. Of Advanced Research in Industrial Engineering 3/yr.
7 IUP Jnl. of Mechanical Engineering 4/yr.
8 Recent Trends In Production Engineering 3/yr. 
9 Jnl. Of Automation & Automobile Engineering 3/yr. 
  (Electrical Engineering) 
1 IEEMA Journal  12/yr. 
2 Jnl. OF Control Sys & Control Instrumentation  3/yr. 
3 Jnl. Of Advance In Electrical Devices  3/yr.
4 Intl. Jnl. Of Advance In Circuits And Sys 2/yr.
5 Jnl. Of Electrical & Power System Engineering  2/yr. 
6 Advances in Warless & Mobile Communication 2/yr.  


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Name Of Journals
  (Electronics & Telecommunications)
1 IETE Journal of Research  6/yr.
2 IETE Tech. Review 
3 Communication Today  12/yr.
4 Jnl. Of Analog And Digital Communication 3/yr.
5 IUP Jnl. Of Electrical & Electronics Engineering  4/yr. 
6 Intl. Jnl. Of Electronics & Communication Engg. 2/yr. 
7 Research & Applications of Thermal Engineering  3/yr. 
1 Journal of Mechatronics Machine Design & Manufacturing 2/yr. 
2 Indian Journal of Pure & Applied mathematics  4/yr.
3 Asian Journal of Res. In Chemistry 


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Name Of Journals
4 Intl. Jnl. Of English Research  6/yr.
5 Intl. Jnl. Of Applied Mathematics And Physics 2/yr. 
1 Indian Journals of Entrepreneurship 
2 Asian Journals of management 
3 Indian business and finance review 
4 Indian Journals of business and globalization 
5 Intnl Journals of applied business economics and accounting 
6 Intnl Journals of applied economics and business research 




Name Of Journals
7 Intnl Journals of business 
8 Intnl Journals of business data communication networking and technology 
9 Intnl journals of business management and information technology 
10 Intnl journals of business management and information technology Indian journal of finance  
11 Indian journals of marketing 


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