Education and Literacy; though they look synonymous, the fact is that they are not. Education is all about self-discipline and incorporating moral values. It not only entitles one making living but also living life. We, at Suryodaya, focus education in the rings of academics. Undoubtedly, the university curriculum is kept in the center; a separate syllabus in the light of soft-skills is designed to meet the corporate needs. A large number of students come from the rural area; they are not sufficiently confident to express themselves; the classes and training sessions of soft-skills help them to overcome.

An effective and time-bound academic calendar is put forth prior to the commencement of the academic session. It includes traditional board teaching as well as teaching through digital media. To meet this motto digital classrooms are designed. Unit wise Tests, Weekly Academic Assessment, Pre University Tests, Hand-on experiments, etc. keep them engaged intellectually and prepare very well for the university exams. The efforts always bear fruits. Every year, the college produces university toppers and Merit ranks. 

In student life, counseling is equally important. Regular counseling demand to be  done. For this purpose, Teacher –Guardian Scheme is implemented. Teacher performs like a guardian for the students. One teacher has ten students to look after. He/ she looks after the intellectual, psychological and  spiritual  health and well-being.

After all, the personality is the sum total of physical, spiritual and psychological development; and hence, it always lies in the center of Academics at  Suryodaya.     

Our University Toppers