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  1. No transaction will be made without identify card. I-card shall be nontransferable.
  2. Three books will be issued to the student member at a time for 30 days and it may be re-issued three times for 15 days.
  3. CD accompanying the book will be issued at the request of the user. 
  4. If the book is not returned before stipulated time limit, a penalty of Rs. 5/- will be imposed per day per book.
  5. Any existing damage should be brought to the notice of the staff and signature be obtained otherwise user shall be held responsible. 
  6. If book is lost, either it shall be replaced by new copy or by paying double the cost of book. 
  7. If requisitioned book is not available, please register your claim. It will be issued As soon as it is available based on the serial order of claimants.
  8. If claimant fails to get the book issued within 3 days, it will be issued to the next claimant. 
  9. Clearance certificate will not be issued unless all the books/CDs are returned and dues are paid
  10. The amount of penalty shall be recovered after summer examination. 
  11. Rules regarding maintaining silence, utilization of books and library facilities and general discipline to be maintained in the library, are displayed in the library notice board. Students violating the rules will be debarred from the library service

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