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Name of Lab Main Equipment Cost
Basic Electrical Engineering 1- ϕ Loading Rheostat 230V,5KW. 39600
Electrical Machines 1 ph. Resistive load 10 A 220 V in 10 steps. 58000
Electrical Machines Experimental Panel for 3 ph. AC Slip ring Induction Motor. 21,150
Electrical Machines AC Sq. Cage Induction Motor 5 HP/415 V/1430 RPM/TEFC/50 Hz with mechanical Loading 23,547
Electrical Machines AC Slip ring Induction Motor 3 HP/415 V/1410 RPM/ 50 Hz with mechanical Loading 36,312
Electrical Machines DC shunt Motor 3 HP/220 V/1500 RPM coupled to 1.8 KW/220 V/1500 RPM DC shunt Generator 50,469
Electrical Machines Experimental Panel for DC Motor generator set. 21,103
High Voltage 50KV AC Testing Transformer with Control. 214000
High Voltage 0-60KV Oil Test Kit. 49750
High Voltage 30KV, 30mA H.V tester with Jig. 66400
High Voltage Horn Gap Apparatus. 36300
High Voltage Corona Cage without Transformer. 38800
High Voltage 50KV Capacitance Divider. 77000
High Voltage 50mm Sphere Gap Assembly. 95000
High Voltage Electrolytic Tank with Electrodes. 106800
High Voltage Rod-Gap Apparatus with Electrodes 106900
Control System DC Servo Motor Speed Torque Characteristics. 32400
Control System AC Servo Motor Speed Torque Characteristics. 32400
Control System AC Position Control System Trainer. 32400
Control System Synchro Transmitter Receiver Pair. 22200
Electrical Measurement Measurement of 3ph Power by Two Wattmeter Method. 19200
Electrical Measurement Loading Rheostat 3KW, 3ph (Each phase of 1KW) in 8 Steps. 20400
Power Electronics DSO. 33600
Switch Gear & Protection Relay-ADR116A. 22500
Switch Gear & Protection Relay-ADR133A. 48500
Switch Gear & Protection ARTUVF/S-AM-110-91-25-00-00-00-00 (Relay Testing Kit) 115000
Electrical Workshop Transformer Winding Machine. 18314

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