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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering 

Electrical Engineering Department:-

Electrical Engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity, power generation, transmission, and distribution. It now covers a range of subtopics including power electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications. The main aim and objective is to ensure the safe usage of electricity. For this purpose, students are given the responsibility of designing electrical appliances as well as the wiring system of domestic appliances to ensure the supply of electricity. Industrial automation and automobile control system design are also a part of Electrical engineering. Electrical engineering has an important role to play in many other fields of Power generation.



To achieve excellent standards of quality education by keeping pace with rapidly changing technologies and to create technical manpower of global standards with capabilities of accepting new challenges.



Our efforts are dedicated to impart quality and value based education to raise the satisfaction level of all stakeholders. Our strength is directed to create a competent professional in electrical engineering. Our endeavors is to provide all possible support to promote research and development activities.

Goals of the Department: –

 Training of educated engineers: –

(A1) To harmonize mind and body, cultivate a lifelong life plan, understand various cultures and sense of values, acquire a wider vision and gain the ability to capture things synthetically and collectively.
(A2) To understand the relationship of technology, society, and nature. Cultivate the ability to understand an engineer’s responsibility to society.

Education of basic knowledge about electrical engineering

(B1) Acquire basic knowledge of mathematics and natural science, and the ability to correctly apply to electrical engineering problems.

(B2) Acquire the basic knowledge of information technology. Cultivate the ability to practice information processing through computers.

(B3) Cultivate the basic technical knowledge of electrical engineering.

(B4) Do electrical engineering experiments with purpose and a goal. Cultivate the ability to analyze and access data. Furthermore, learn to report and  to express results properly. Also, acquire the ability of good communication and team work that are prerequisites for group work.

Key Strengths of faculty: –

  1. Focus on student satisfaction – describe how you contribute to increasing student satisfaction and loyalty for the college long-term growth.
  2. Teamwork and collaboration- highlight how you build lasting relationships with other students and work collaboratively to achieve common goals.
  3. Open communications -emphasize your willingness to listen to new ideas, or to adopt alternative approaches
  4. Interpersonal skills -stress your ability to work with all levels within the organization
  5. Adaptability to change – illustrate how you? re able to adapt in the face of constant changes in the organization or in industry.

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