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Laboratories in Department:


1.    Computer Graphics Lab

2.    Computer Programming Lab

3.    Database Management Systems Lab

4.    OOPs & Data Structure Lab

5.    Internet lab (Internet browsing with 24x7.@ 10 mbps lease line)

6.    Mini and Major Projects Lab

Major Equipment and Facilities :-
Hardware :   Pentium 4- Processor , G31 Chipset board , 2 GB DDR3 RAM  , 160 GB HDD , Color Laser Printers , Digital Camera , Projectors , Network Printers
Software :  Windows 7 Starter (Latest) , VISUAL C++ , Visual Basic , Java , Visual Studio 2008 , Oracle 10g , Oracle 11g Linux based
Networking : The departmental computers are connected with the Campus wide LAN through high speed fiber optic backbone managed by L2, L3 switches. The campus also has wireless access connectivity  using Hot Spots.


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