Department of Science & Humanities (First Year):-

It is well said: When the roots are strong, fruits are healthy. We know well that till 12th std, students are bookworms. But the fact can’t be denied that to survive in this swift world of competition, one needs to be a well-groomed personality. Keeping this thing on a roll,  students are completely focused with curricular and extracurricular activities.
The first-year department plays a major role in building the foundation of the future engineers. For this, the students are groomed at First-year level by organizing various activities during the session in the form of workshops, seminars, poster making competition etc (related to their first Year syllabus). Students are given the liberty to explore and express their views and ideas through these various activities. They were also encouraged to show their creativity in different competitions with the positive purpose to face the challenges and competitions. It helps them to nurture the hidden talent and become a more confident individual. It is the first year department which proves to all new students what the college is & make them comfortable in the commencement of their college life. An annual gathering  JALSA  is celebrated every year to boost the hidden potential and talent of the students and to refresh the mind of the student. To maintain healthy interpersonal relationships between students, faculties and parents, Teacher-Guardian Scheme and Parent-Teacher meet are being organized on regular basis.
Departmental Activities:-

  • Induction Programme to welcome the first year students
  • Seminars & Guest Lecturers on each subject
  • Debates and Group Discussions on current & Technical Topics as a part of CS
  • Paper Presentation & Poster Competition on Technical topics
  • Essay Writing Competition
  • Parents  Meet twice in a year
  • Teacher- Guardian Programme
  • Continuing Ad. Education & Extension Programme Under Population Education Club