1. Environmental Engineering Lab:-

Environmental Engineering Lab

Lab Description:  Laboratory In-Charge: Prof. Ashtashil  V. Bhambulkar

MAJOR TEST CONDUCTED: pH, Alkalinity, Chlorides, Hardness, Sulphate, Turbidity, Suspended Solids, Dissolved solids, Volatile Solids,, Chemical Oxygen Demand, Biochemical Oxygen Demand.

 EXISTING FACILITIES: Muffle furnace, Oven, Refrigerator, BOD Incubator

  • Electronic digital single pan balance
  • Compact Turbidity meter
  • Multi-parameter tester
  • BOD Autoanalyzer
  • Water Bath, Magnetic Stirrer, Glassware, Chemicals for analysis of water and wastewater
  • Demonstration models for water and wastewater treatment, Rainwater Harvesting.

2. Soil Engineering Lab

Lab Description :Laboratory In-Charge: Prof. Shalini Ghabhane

Major Equipment

  • Plate Load Test Apparatus
  • Standard Penetration Test
  • Large Direct Shear test Apparatus
  • Consolidation Test Apparatus
  • Relative Density Apparatus
  • C. B. R. Test Apparatus

3. Fluid Mechanics Lab

Lab Description: Laboratory In-Charge: Prof. Satish Sathwane


  •       Hydraulic Flume of and 0.35 m wide section and 7.5 m. long with all necessary
  •       Orifice and Mouthpiece Apparatus
  •       Bernoullis Apparatus Hydraulic Bench, Venturimeter, Pipe System for Determination of Friction Factor
  •       Pressure Measurement Devices, Current Meter, Water Meter
  •       Pitot Tube, Ship Model, Infiltrometer, Pan evaporimeter
  •       Fluid Flow software hydraulic tilting flume 15.0 m long Pipe Surge and Water Hammer Apparatus

4. Surveying Lab

Laboratory In-Charge: Prof  Rupali Bondre

Lab Description: This laboratory houses sophisticated instruments viz. Auto level, Vernier theodolite with 1-second accuracy, Planimeter, Dumpy levels, and Ghat Tracer. The various other equipment available in the lab are

  • Substance a bar with stand
  • Metal ranging rods
  • Measuring chain
  • Vernier theodolite
  • Prismatic compass
  • Engineers plane table
  • Trough compass
  • Planimeter
  • Optical square
  • Box sextant
  • Leveling staff

5.Computer Lab

Laboratory In-Charge: Prof. P. Morey

Lab Description: This laboratory houses sophisticated computers, laptops and printers. The computer laboratory is located in Annex Building. It is divided into two subparts as UG and PG laboratory.

The software’s in the Department

  • AutoCAD
  • Geomatic
  • SAP
  • E-TAB

6.Transportation Engineering Laboratory

Transportation Engineering Laboratory

Laboratory In-Charge: Prof. N.Khobragade
Major Equipment

  • Ductility Testing Apparatus
  • Oven
  • Electronic Balance
  • Standard Penetrometer
  • Viscometer
  • Bitumen Extractor
  • Ring and Ball Apparatus
  • Los Angel’s Abrasion Testing Apparatus
  • Marshal Stability
  • Impact Testing Machine

7. Engineering Mechanics Lab

Laboratory In-Charge: Prof. P. Nagdeve

  • Coil Friction Apparatus
  • Inclined Plane normal quantity without weight
  • Fly Wheel
  • Shear Leg Apparatus
  • Shear Leg Apparatus
  • Stand for single purchase winch crab
  • Stand for double purchase winch crab
  • Differential Wheel and Axle
  • Winch crab Single purchase (without wt)
  • Winch crab Double purchase (without wt)
  • Differential Wheel and Axle
  • Differential Wheel and Axle
  • Stand for single purchase winch crab
  • Slotted wt. Set 20gm, 50gm, 100gm, 200gm, 500gm

8. Concrete Lab

Laboratory In-Charge: Prof..Harshit Suchak

  •  Compression  Testing Machine
  •  Mould Slump Test
  • Set of Sieve
  • Cube Mould Of 15cm, 10 cm Side
  • Le-Chatellier Apparatus
  • Vibrating Machine
  • Compaction Factor Test Apparatus
  • Vicats Apparatus

9. Strength of Materials Lab

Strength of Materials Lab

Laboratory In-Charge: Prof. P. Wadhwani

  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Compression Testing  Machine
  • Deflection Beam Apparatus
  • Hardness Tester
  • Torsion Testing Machine
  • Shear Test Attachment

10. Engineering Geology Lab

Laboratory In-Charge: Prof. Vinod Yerpude

Name Of Materials Numbers
Materials 32
Igneous Rock 16
Sedimentary Rock 8
Metamorphic Rock 12